i 3000 Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System uses
the magnetic microparticles based, Acridinium Ester (AE) direct
chemiluminescence technology. A perfect matching of the analyzer
and reagents has greatly improved the stability and anti-interference capability.

Flexible combinations of instrument modules can not only meet the requirement of high speed, but also greatly allow more different testings.

Space and Cost
Modularization and combinations of instrument can meet different laboratory needs, and save the lab spaces and costs.



STAT Prioritization

Dedicated STAT port with immediate loading.


Continuous Reagent Loading During Operation

Independent reagent loading channel, supporting continuous reagent loading during operation.


Unattended Operation For 6 Hours

Up to 200 samples with continuous loading.   Up to 2000 cuvettes loading.

Online Consumables Replacement During Operation

Back-up function for substrate. Concentrated wash solution with automatic preparation.


Automatic Rerun | Automatic Startup and Shutdown

Automatic retesting according to retesting regulation.   Automatic startup time can be user-defined. Automatic shutdown after work can be setup.


Easy To Operate

Intuitive, user-friendly interface design, touch screen for easy operation.