GenePure Pro ( NPA-32P )

GenePure Pro is a new generation of automatic nucleic acid purification system with cutting-edge technology and family-style appearance developed by Bioer. It adopts MB separation technology and uses 96-well deep well plate as test carrier to realize automatic high-throughput and high-purity extraction and purification of DNA/RNA. It can deal with various samples including blood, tissue, and various cells. This system is with simple operation and complete function, and can be customized for hardware and software function based on the detailed requirements of the reagent used by users to meet the demand of high-purity and refined nucleic acid purification.


Product features

  • High purityWith newly developed magnetic rods and dynamically-adjustable amplitude technology, it can deal with various small magnetic beads, and extract with no residue and attachment.
  • Precise temp. ControlDeep-well heating is with more comprehensive conclusiveness, which can greatly reduce temperature difference between pre-set temperature and actual in-tube temperature.
  • Intelligence Unique control cabin panel UI design displays all parameters at one time; the operation is easy and can be quickly mastered.
  • Diversification Update from 32 to 48-samples throughput by replacing the block.
  • High safetyIt is with fully automatic operation, and use disposable strip tips and UV sterilizing lamp to avoid aerosol pollution among different batches.
  • Rapid extractionAutomatic operation is very fast and efficient. It can quickly finish extracting 1-32 samples in 15-40 minutes.
  • Open platformBioer provides various pre-filled kits to meet the demand of nucleic acid extraction from different samples, which can be widely applied in fields including disease control center, food and drug supervision, legal medicine, inspection and quarantine, and clinical diagnosis.
  • StandardizationThe user can edit multiple running programs according to different requirements. Its large capacity of on-board memory ensures uniformity of experiment conditions.