Genetic analyzer NANOPHORE

05” is four colors laser-induced fluoresce capillary electrophoresis system. Using NANOPHORE®05” it is possible automatically determine DNA sequence as well as DNA fragments lengths.


Main technical characteristics

Detector Fluorescence detector at wavelengths 520, 550, 580 and 607 nm
Laser Solid-phase, l = 473 nm, power Р = 1-10 mW
Separation efficiency Single base separation efficiency for single stranded DNA fragments up to 600 nucleotides length with more than 98% accuracy
Time of analysis, hours 2-2.5
High-voltage supplier Voltage: 15 kV, currency: 1–150 μА , instability: 0.03 % max
Sample input Electrokinetic
Sample plate 96-samples plate, 12 places for additional reagents with volume from 0.5 to 3 mL
Capillary Standard coated capillary, internal diameter 30–80 μm,

outer diameter 360 μm, length up to 1000 mm

Thermostat Peltier based thermostat, capillary temperature set
from 15 to 65 ( ± 0.2), ° С
Working regime Automatic reload of gel under pressure up to10 atm.
Automatic probe separation using user made program with real time monitoring of main parameters of e[periment
Power, kW 0.3
Weight, kg 75
Dimensions, mm 850 x 750 x 600

Medical diagnosis, treatment monitoring of socially significant diseases, sanitary and epidemiologic control, food analysis, biotechnology, valuable animal and plant species selection, criminalities (genetic identification), basic research related to nucleic acid analysis.


“NANOPHORE®05” allows:

  • automatically reload capillary by sieving gel;
  • electrokinetic input DNA into capillary from any position of 96-sample plate;
  • carry out electrophoresis of DNA fragments with the control of current, voltage, temperature;
  • detect the fluorescence signal in four channels 520, 550, 580 and 607 nm;
  • analyze up to 96 samples using user-made program.


Software adapted for Windows NT, 95/98, 2000, XP and has two blocks:

  • fragments analysis block;
  • sequence analysis block.


Software allows:

  • set the experiment parameters;
  • control main parameters during experiment;
  • analyze data using automatic and manual modes;
  • view the “row” data.
Legal protection

RF patent granted No. 2182329 issued 10 May, 2002 , “Fluorimetric detector”



Institute for Analytical Inctrumentation RAS – NANOPHORE®05 genetic analyzer.

Syntol Close Joint-Xtock Company – special reagents: separation polymer for fragment analysis and sequencing, sequencing kits with standard (M13, T7) primers, DNA molecular weight markers.


Delivery kit
  • sieving gel for DNA fragments analysis and sequencing;
  • kits for sequencing using standard fluorescent primers (M13, T7);
  • fluorescent-labeled molecular weight DNA markers.

Kits for sequencing using fluorescent-labeled terminators are currently elaborated