LineGene K Plus

LineGene K Plus fluorescent quantitative detection system adopts fluorescence real-time detection method to analyze amplification of PCR templates, suitable for polymerase chain reaction fluorescence quantitative detection in research areas including human genome engineering, forensic medicine, oncology, organization and population biology, paleobiology, zoology, and botany, and in clinical diagnosis for virus, cancer and genetic disease. The PCR detection system is in-vitro medical diagnosis equipment which can be used in clinical lab for copy-number quantitative analysis of various genes with fluorescence polymerase chain reaction method.


Product features

  • Powerful performances:

Unique module bottom detection technology of patent for invention effectively presents mutual interruption.

High-intensity LED excitation light source, energy conservation, high efficiency, long service life and free from maintenance.

Unique sandwich Ferrotec Peltiers heating method increases thermal transmission contact area, accelerates heat transmission and improves temperature ramp rate.

Multiple-point temperature control ensures best temperature uniformity of 48 wells.

Three independent temperature control modules ensure more accurate control of different annealing temperatures.

Equipped with SOAK constant temperature function, meeting the low-temperature storage demand.

Brand-new automatic hot lid technology, free from manual operation, automatic control, effectively present reagent evaporation.

  • Intelligent operating system:

Flexible program setting, comprehensive analysis and report functions.

Portable tablet compatibility with wireless use makes operation easier.

Various analysis modes: qualitative, relative/absolute quantitative, standard curve, melting curve, high-resolution melting curve (HRM), SNP analysis, and isothermal amplification.

Multiple templates, easy to find saved experiments, and fast to set up new experiment.

Comprehensive analysis and report function, flexibly print single and multiple sample reports.